Update iPad/iPhone without backup [Now with link…]

backoffFor a long, long time, I had avoided updating my iPad. It all started with my iPhone, actually – the stupid thing would take about a million years to backup before it started to update (almost a million years, at least). When iOS 4.0 was released earlier this year, I bit the bullet, and let the phone backup over night. Since then, backups have been mostly painless. Well – it doesn’t make much difference to me, as I am now on Team Android.

However – things weren’t so simple for my iPad. I tried to update – I really did. On two occasions, I left the damned thing to back up over night, and it was STILL only 50% in the morning… Yes, after 12 hours, it was only halfway complete. This issue was further compounded by the fact that iPads just don’t like being charged over certain USB connections – and my PC just didn’t output the right amount of juice, so after 12 hours, the battery was almost dead. So what was I to do? Obviously, I wouldn’t be able to update my iPad without wiping it completely, as the Internet kept telling me it was magazine and comic apps that were the culprits…

Well, there’s some truth to that. I guess, if I want to back up my iPad, I will either need to remove the apps in question (I use Zinio and ComicZeal, as well as Wired and Comics by Comixology and their various apps) or just wipe the damn thing. It’s an option – let’s face it, a lot of what is done on the iPad is done in the “cloud” anyway. But still – it’s a pain, and a seemingly unnecessary one.

BUT! There is a solution, and it’s a GLORIOUS one. Sure, it doesn’t involve backing up your iPad (so there is still a need to be cautious), but it does result in around a 5-minute updating process.

Download “Backoff” – it basically flips the switch in iTunes that requires the program to back up at every sync/update. It’s awesome – you can just bypass it completely, as if it’s not even there (disclaimer: while it worked PERFECTLY for me, there are no guarantees it will for you too). Interestingly, you just need to run the program whenever you want to toggle that switch, so you can leave this functionality in place, if you so require… MIGHT be a good idea to backup once in a blue moon, but me? I’m going to risk it. I really don’t know why I need to back up my iPad when everything on it can be redownloaded if necessary anyway… I guess just for my settings and to save time, but still…

Update: God, I’m a farking idiot… I forgot to post a link! Click here to slap iTunes in the FACE.

Another Update: I still see a hell of a lot of people visiting my site for this post. Note I wrote this a while ago now, and since upgrading my iPhone/iPad to iOS5, I’ve had no problems… You might want to try doing that, if you haven’t yet! And if you have, are you backing up to the cloud, or to your PC? Backup to iCloud – this will solve your issue without some dodgy third-party application.


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