OK… About me. My name is Greg, and I’ve been blogging for about four years at time of writing. I guess, as a result, I’m becoming jaded.

Let me tell you a story…

In my late teens, I was a bit of a troubled youth. I guess it could be said that I was a bit of a goth, but I just wasn’t into that scene. If it was around back then, I could have fit into the whole emo bag that’s currently being passed around, but that’s neither here nor there. Anyway, it was at this time that I started to write. I wrote short stories, began a novel about a dog that took drugs, and was just generally… ‘thoughtful’.

I then moved to Tokyo to live for five years, to get out of my comfort zone.

It worked. I started a new life. I withdrew from my sullen brooding, and began a life of drunken debauchery, where I learned that I also loved karaoke… And I stopped writing.

I got back into video games – my short stint as ‘semi-goth’ killed my love of gaming – and I also started pages on some gaming sites, which reignited my love for writing.

But I never went back to writing fiction. And I never went back to writing with the goal to create something special.

I moved back to the wonderful land of Oz, and a nerd switch clicked. I got into HTML and CSS. I tried creating a site from scratch, and I started to post reguarly.

Soon after, I learned it was easier to use a blogging platform, and I had dreams of becoming a video game journalist and becoming semi-famous on the Internets. Dreams die. Soon enough, I decided it might be cool to start a collaborative blog with some friends – a site that would lean towards a fully-fledged website as opposed to a blog. However, I learned that my burning desire to post my thoughts on the web were not shared by others… At least, not with as much passion as I seemed to have.

After about two years of this, I realised that my dreams of getting noticed and making it big on the ‘net were fizzling – they were dead in the water anyway because I never really tried to market myself or really apply myself. My career was taking off and I had to put more time and effort into my day job. And my wife and I became parents… Goodbye, sweet free time.

But I still wanted to write. Brush away the cobwebs of the past, sweep aside the broken dreams, and the core desire still remains. As a result, I cut my ties with paid hosting, set up this very blog you are reading now, and have decided to forge ahead with no goal. Well, nothing more than simply posting for the love of posting.

So read my posts and comment, or don’t. I appreciate you taking the time to visit, and while part of me still hopes that someday, someone will notice me for my sheer brilliance… I expect to still be plodding along with the same anonymity that I do now. And I’m happy with that. I’ve come to terms with that.

Update: I’ve slightly changed my stance 😉 See this post for more info (lazy, I know).


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