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Mass Debate: The Nintendo 3DS is not just another DS.

Worth the hype?

Prior to release, Nintendo’s 3DS was hyped beyond belief. Since it was announced in March 2010, the gaming public at large waited impatiently for it, feeding desperately on any small morsel of useless information. Gaming blogs and news sites preyed on this desperation, and many of them gushed over their “hands on” experiences. But now that it’s been released, does the system live up to the hype? Is it actually a revolutionary handheld gaming device, or is it just another release in a long line of DS upgrades?

Well… Now I’m going to go all split personality on your arse.  I’m going to argue that the 3DS is not just another DS; that it’s a new system; that it’s something more. And then? Well, then I’m gonna flat-out disagree with my bad self… and we’ll see where that gets us. I’m sure you get the picture.

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