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iCloud and iTunes Match: What are they anyway?

As the resident geek in my family, I tend to have to explain things from time to time. In fact, they’ll generally ask me even though there is a somewhat more technical nerd in the family, particularly as I tend to explain such things fairly simply (and I read a hell of a lot more info on the ‘net, so I guess I tend to understand the function of consumer products a little better).

Anyway, this is one that has come up fairly often recently – which was a surprise to me, as I thought it was a fairly straightforward concept. Turns out I’m just a nerd who spends too much time on the Internet. As a result, I decided it might be a good topic to take a brief and general look over, in the hope that the average Joe might better understand how these services will make life easier. Click through if the terms iCloud and iTunes Match mean nothing to you.

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iCloud is not a bad thing

Well, well, well… Apple has announced details for OSX Lion, iOS 5, and iCloud, and it looks like they might have a damned good service on the horizon. It’s exciting times, and a lot of what they have planned is exactly what I’m after – it will certainly take a lot of the effort out my my day, and that sounds dandy.

However, since the announcement (and in particular reference to the iTunes Match service, that will enable users to access all of their music – regardless of where it was obtained – from the cloud) there has been some outcry from the industry. Some have voiced their concerns that this legitimises piracy, or that it allows for laundering of music. I’m not sure how I feel about that, though. Continue reading

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