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Lions and zombies and podcasts, oh my.

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I guess I wanted to take the time to do two things – give the thumbs up to podcasts, recommend We’re Alive, and masturbate furiously. Three… Three things.

But now I’m too tired to write this post.

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New Blog!

Hello all!

It may not look like it, but this is a new blog. I’ve imported all my posts from my old blog (, and I’m starting new. Why? Well – this post goes into the why. Do I want to go all “new blog” soppy and gush about what I plan to do and where I plan to go?

No. Welcome to 8-bit Bleep. Hopefully now that I don’t feel obliged to write, I won’t put up as much half-arsed tripe as I feel that I have in the last few months. I’ll aim to use more arse, but I doubt I will reach full-arse standard, as I just don’t have the time (i.e., I can’t be arsed).

Another thing – I certainly am in no mood to go through every previous post and add categories and tags to the lot of them, so things will be a bit funny for a bit. Not funny ha-ha, though, unfortunately. Oh, and the stupid old RSS feed button looks to be broken.

Peace, love ya, looking forward to a future free from paying someone else’s bills.

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