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Consol(idol)ation: Sega Dreamcast [UPDATED]

Sega’s last attempt at hardware, and arguably their best, was the Dreamcast. Released in 1999 (in Australia at least), and discontinued (in Australia again) in 2002, it just didn’t have the legs to compete with the BEHEMOTH that was PlayStation 2… Sega dropped out of the hardware race to focus on the games themselves – potentially something that worked out for them in the long run, but sad, considering how great the Dreamcast was…

Even given its short lifespan, the Dreamcast still enjoys a cult following – games such as Crazy Taxi, Jet Grind Radio, and Shenmue are considered some of the best titles ever released on a retro console (I said SOME OF, not THE best, so keep your opinion to yourself, people!)… Soul Calibur is such a good conversion it’s considered by many to be the best game released on the Dreamcast. It was really that good, and the quality of the titles is evident from the second you run up the machine.

Beyond that? It was the first machine to have an inbuilt modem, and the first to connect to an online network for gaming (and as such, a precursor to services such as Xbox Live). It had a fairly revolutionary controller for the time, with a very interesting memory card – it was itself a kind of game controller. And if that’s not enough to convince you of how awesome it was, there are STILL some independent developers making games for it (not so many these days, but it is a much-loved machine). I simply HAD to get one. Continue reading



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Are we ready for the Next Generation? [Updated]

I was having a good hard think this morning, and (prior to the headache) I came to the conclusion that it’s possibly NOT likely that Microsoft will announce a new Xbox at CES (particularly given such announcements are usually made at E3 – still, I had thought it might happen). Of course, there’s still a chance, and I’m kind of divided as to how I REALLY feel, but it would appear to me that we maybe just aren’t ready for a new generation of gaming consoles. Bear with me, because this is going to take a while to get out… Continue reading

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